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Hello All! Welcome to the Activstudio 3 Training Page - Created for teachers at Marsing Middle School

This wiki is dedicated to training the activstudio software in our classrooms. If you have questions please don't hesitate to
contact Jim either through the messaging service of this wikispace or he can be reached at

NEWS FLASH - You can set your preferences in the activstudio web browser for home and search. Simply click on the menu>studio settings>Linked File Hosting.

Activstudio 3 Training Page

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If you are looking for a place to start, begin here. This flipchart will begin with the basics of using the Activstudio software.

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This activexpression Training Manual will get you started using the new Activexpressions!

Actions training will teach you more about using actions in your flipcharts. Do you want to link to another page? How do you make a picture become an action object? These questions and more will be answered in this flipchart.

Containers training will tell you how create a box that can keep only certain words, phrases or pictures. If that item is supposed to be in that box a cheer will sound from the crowd. If not it will remove the word from the box and place it back into its original position.

Restrictors deal with allowing objects to move only in certain directions. This is useful if you want students to only be able to drag objects in a certain direction.

Jim "The Activstudio Trainer"

Here are a couple of flipcharts from Jim
that show some of the basic and advanced
skills used in actual lessons.

= ==Fun Flipcharts==

Having a friendly class competition? Use this flipchart
to help you keep score for the teams. See the page notes
for operation.

This flipchart will allow you to play the age old african game of
Mancala. Instructions, Rules, and variations are included in
the page notes